What's a good way to keep bugs off you patio/porch?

POMP on March 15, 2010, 6:55 pm

Use a spray called "home defense" it keep bugs 4m comin n, & leaving if u know what I mean ;-)

jama0408 on March 15, 2010, 9:32 pm

Tiki torches they look cool and work

Pwally32 on March 16, 2010, 12:16 am

Hold a public execution, and leave some corpses, as an example. At the least u will lower morale

Hoyac on March 16, 2010, 1:15 am

Haha not in tx, bugs here have no fear. .Lol

POMP on March 16, 2010, 2:57 am

I'm in Tx, best way is to build a screened in porch. Or a ton of bug spray/candles/zappers

Austin512 on March 16, 2010, 4:28 am